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About our History

Founded in 1946 by Fritz C. Maurer, Maurer Artcraft began as a decorative metal spinning company. Its unique craftsmanship and proximity to Sikorsky Helicopters headquarters led to a relationship in the development of prototype parts for new production helicopters, and over the years has grown into a robust sheet metal fabrication operation.

Edward A. Pohl, Sr., founded Milford Fabrication Co in 1947, working out of a small garage at his home in Milford CT. In 1950 Milford Fabricating grew and relocated to Erna Ave, where a new 3,000 Sq. ft factory was constructed. Over the years 3,000 grew to 30,000 Sq. Ft.
Milford Fabricating Co. provided precision quality custom sheet metal fabricating services, Nadcap Welding and Heat Treating to local customers such as Sikorsky Aircraft, Boeing, Hamilton Sundstrand/Collins Aerospace, and Pratt & Whitney.

The R.A. Lalli Company was founded in 1946 in Stratford CT. Working closely with Igor Sikorsky, Romeo Lalli designed, built and patented the first stretch forming machines to produce metal skins for Sikorsky Helicopters. Since 1946 R.A. Lalli Company has been providing metal skins for many types of helicopters and aircraft.

Valley Tool and Manufacturing LLC was founded as a traditional tool and die business in 1984. It began by offering machining services in a variety of industries for the manufacturing of machine tools.  Valley Tool and Manufacturing LLC continues to provide the capabilities of Milford Fabricating, Valley Tool, and Ra Lalli, together and out of a singular state of the art facility in Milford, CT.

Consolidated Orange and Milford sites into brand new  65,000 sq. ft Facility in Milford in 2022.



To inquire about job openings at Valley Tool and Manufacturing LLC, please contact our Human Resources department at or call (203) 799-8800.

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Valley Tool and Manufacturing LLC has a pedigree of performance going back decades. The product of mergers between Maurer Metalcraft, Valley Tool, Milford Fabricating Co. and Ra Lalli Co., Valley Tool and Manufacturing LLC offers a wide range of capabilities ranging from stretch forming, sheet metal fabrication, machining, Painting, Nadcap welding, Heat Treat and assembly work.

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