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QL.AS.7.4.2 Technical & Quality Procurement Requirements: provisions are to be incorporated into the remarks section of each purchase order, either verbatim or by reference to this document - as required.

1 When record retention requirements are not specified by contract, the supplier shall maintain records traceable to delivered product for 10 years. Records are defined as supporting evidence that each item identified in this order has been produced in accordance with applicable instructions, specifications, and drawing requirements. The evidence shall be made available for review by Valley Tool Supplier Quality upon request.

2 The goods, items, and supplies under this order shall be subject to applicable requirements of ISO 9001, AS 9100, MIL-Q-9858/A, MIL-I-45208/A, NADCAP, as required by the purchase order and applicable drawings/specifications.

3 The supplier shall flow down all applicable requirements of this order, including key characteristics, to its lowest tier suppliers.

4 The supplier shall notify Valley Tool as to any changes made to a lower tier supplier, process, or operation (by the supplier on supplier’s sub-tier) after submittal of qualification samples or initial deliveries. Documented evidence must be available to verify that requirements of this order including, but not limited to, safety, performance, reliability, interchangeability, service life, weight or appearance (when appearance is applicable) have been obtained.

5 The supplier shall submit a certification of compliance referencing applicable specification for each lot/batch number and Valley Tool purchase order number for traceability. Lot and batch number must be clearly indicated on the parts/material. When a lot or batch is separated into containers, each must be labeled accordingly. Certification shall be signed by an authorized company representative and shall indicate all the parts meet all applicable specifications. Certifications are required with each shipment and must be attach to the packing list.

6 Requirements for shelf life shall be in accordance with the applicable specification. Shelf life, out time and storage data is required.

7 When required, parts shall be marked with the part number indicated on the part drawings/specification. Packing sheets shall be properly identified with the part number and the applicable revision number as indicated on the purchase order and shall bear an acceptance stamp. Part identification must meet the requirements of part drawing and/or specification. All material supplied under this order is subject to the requirements of Valley Tool specifications, MK-STD-129E, MIL-I-43553, and applicable customer specifications.

8 Preference for Domestic Specialty Metals under Defense Department Contracts for Material to be per DFARS 252.225-7014. Supplier shall conform to the requirements of FAR 21 (Airworthiness Certificates) as designated. Government Tooling per FAR 52.245-1.

9 Special process, calibration services, nondestructive inspection and sub tier suppliers of these services are subject to the requirements of the drawing. These processes shall be performed only by Valley Tool, or customer approved special process suppliers. Certification of these processes is required with each shipment.

10 The supplier certifies that all required Qualified Product List (Q.P.L.) parts have been manufactured to or procured from approved Q.P.L. sources as per FAR 9-203.

11 The supplier shall notify Valley Tool of any nonconforming product produced against this order, so that arrangements can be made for proper disposition and approval of product.

12 First Article Inspection per the latest revision of AS9102 is required of parts, details, subassembly, or First Piece. Fabrication/Assembly.

13 Product painted with final topcoat or detail primed with adhesive bonding primer, must be wrapped separately and interleaved for part protection and prevention of contamination.

14 ITAR requirements, as contractually required.

15 The Supplier shall allow for right of access by Valley Tool, their customer and regulatory authorities to the applicable areas of all facilities, at any level of the supply chain, involved in the order and to all applicable records.

16 Supplier is responsible to ensure awareness of contribution to product or service conformity, safety, & ethical behavior.

17 Counterfeit Parts/Material Prevention: Supplier shall establish and maintain a Counterfeit Parts / Material Prevention and Control Plan using AS5553 (Ref. requirements Section 4) and/or AS6174 (Ref. requirements Section 3) to ensure that Counterfeit Work is not delivered to Buyer. The purpose of Supplier’s Plan shall be to develop a robust process to prevent the delivery of counterfeit commodities and control commodities identified as counterfeit.

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